I recently went to a street fair and there was someone drawing pet caricatures.  Giant, over exaggerated versions of cats and dogs with silly faces and huge grins.  After seeing these, I had to get one of my dogs Chompers and Lola!  How could I not?  Yep, I paid someone hard earned money to draw cartoon versions of my dogs.  And let me tell ya, I handed over that money with glee and anticipation of the finished product.  She could not draw fast enough for this gal!  Just look at how proud I am!

It was once I had the beautiful piece of artwork in my hands that I realized 2008 me wouldn’t recognize 2018 me and yet, I feel more like myself than I ever have.  When I got my first dog, I encountered shocked face after shocked face because no one who knew me could believe I was getting a dog.  You see, I’ve always liked dogs but owning one or even really being around them wasn’t something I enjoyed.  Now, I raise money for local dog rescue organizations, I pet every dog I see (literally every. dog.) and I treat my dogs like family.  They even get stockings at Christmas!  My outlook on dogs changed.  I let it change.  I embraced the fact that just because I used to feel one way about something that doesn’t mean I have to feel that way forever.  And neither do you.  If you’ve been wanting to change something about your life, I encourage you to do it.  Take the leap and go outside of who you and others think you are.  I understand that sometimes it’s hard to step into a new arena of life.  My story is about dogs but I truly had to allow myself to change, to grow and to evolve.  I gave myself grace to change my mind.  You have the grace to change your mind, too.  No matter what kind of change you are considering, you are not obligated to be the same person you were 10 years ago, 10 months ago or even 10 minutes ago.  You can be whoever and do whatever you want in this life.

You can even be the woman that buys cartoon drawings of her dogs.

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