Do you ever compare yourself to other people on the internet? We’ve all done it before, right?

You look at these perfectly curated instagram feeds, blog posts and sponsored ads and think so and so has everything going for them. Perfect job. Perfect hair. Perfect kids. Perfect life. It’s easy to feel like we’re falling short even if we know what we see on the internet isn’t the whole story.

All the pictures on my site? They were done my a professional photographer. A damn good photographer at that. Beyond the professional photos, I’ve learned how to pose, edit pics using various filters, I’ve bought courses and presets, and I’ve attended what feels like every free webinar on the internet. My point is, this is not how I woke up. I don’t just magically capture amazing photos candidly posed in front of a perfect backdrop. I’ve shed tears and I’ve put tons of pressure on myself to do more.

I’m trying. I’m trying hard and I’ve got help. Mike is a full blown Instagram husband and I outsource what I can. None of this is happening as fast as I want it to either. Of course I want to be further along but I’m going at the pace I can go.

So, next time you find yourself falling into the comparison trap or thinking everyone has their sh*t together but you, I want you to remember… Everyone has their own personal velocity.

You cannot compare your progress to anyone else’s. However, you know who you can compare your progress to? Yourself. No one has your exact circumstances or your exact brain or your exact abilities so obvi, your paths aren’t going to be exactly the same. It would be boring if everyone was the same anyway. So, stop looking at what other people are doing or how far they’re progressing and instead look at how you can be better than yesterday.

How you can inch closer to what you want? You’re going at the pace you can go. Trust that and cut yourself some slack. Then unfollow every single account that makes you feel bad about yourself or isn’t adding value to your life. There’s also a feature to ‘hide’ accounts if the person who makes you feel bad is someone you can’t unfollow completely.

No one is going to come save you from the comparison trap. No one. You’ve got to be brave and do the work yourself.

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