I’m so glad you are checking out my 5 Part Love Your Body Series! I’m so excited for you to love yourself a little more with each blog post you read. I suggest you read one post and do one activity a day for 5 days. Space them out and really give yourself a chance to reflect.

Let’s start with the basics first. What is body image and whyyyy would I want to improve it? I’m glad you asked! Body image is the perception of your own body and the thoughts and feelings that you have based on that perception.

Body image can be positive or negative.

Positive body image is being happy with your appearance and your body even if it doesn’t align with what media, family or friends would describe as desirable or attractive. You can feel proud and happy in your body no matter what it looks like. You can also be unhappy with your body no matter what it looks like.

Your self worth is not based off the way you look and your personality is not how you look. (Re-read that!) 👏🏻

Negative body image is being unhappy with your appearance and believing it isn’t good enough based on what media, family or friends would describe as desirable or attractive. Negative body image can make you see your body different than it actually is, you may compare yourself to others and you may feel awkward and uncomfortable in your body.

Weight fluctuates, your value does not.

Here’s today’s challenge:
Why do you want to love your body? No, really. Why is body love important to you? Take some time to journal and write down your thoughts.

It’s hard to strive for something if you don’t know WHY are you striving for it. Body love is trendy right now. It’s easy to see other people doing something and think ‘I want to do that too!’ The real question that each of us needs to figure out individually is WHY do I want to love my body. Why is that important?

Dig deep. Really sit with the question to figure out your why. Write it down. Brain dump your thoughts in a journal. Don’t just think about it real quick and move on. Really take the time to understand why loving your body is important to you.

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