You have made it to the final part of the Love Your Body Series! You’ve learned why body image is important to you, you started focusing on gratitude, you know not to put your body down and you’re no longer participating in diet talk! Hell yeah!

Now today, we go big! Today’s challenge will be, well, challenging. 🤣

I want you to get naked and stand in front of a full length mirror. I’m serious. If being naked is waaaay too far for you, you can keep your clothes on but still look in a full length mirror. Now, I want you to look at your WHOLE body.  Give this some time. Don’t shy away from the image staring back at you. This may make some of you emotional – that’s okay! Let the emotion happen however that looks. Stand with the emotion. Again, don’t shy away from the image staring back at you or the emotions coming up.

Take in everything about your body. Look into your eyes and smile to yourself. Look at your nose while you take a deep breath. Watch as your lungs lift and expand to make a breath possible. Pay attention to the curves of your body. Look at how your body moves and connects and exists.

See yourself as a whole body, not just the parts you wish were different.

Your body is so much more than just the few body parts you pick apart. Look in the mirror and really see your body for the way it is. This glorious, amazing, life giving entity that you are lucky to be connected to. Bask in the glory of what your body can do and all it’s done! Be amazed and grateful! I’m so proud of you!

Just because this challenge is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue with each of these challenges in your daily life. Consistently show up for yourself and you will see a difference.

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