You’ve made it to Part 4 of the Love Your Body Series and I’m so dang proud of you! Loving your body isn’t easy in a world that’s constantly telling us why our bodies aren’t worthy. 

Here’s the thing though, you and your body are worthy NO MATTER WHAT!

It’s true! No matter your size and shape you are worthy and valuable just as you are. In order to show people that, you can lead by example. Yesterday, I encouraged you to not talk poorly about your body with others. Today, we take it to the next level.

So with that, here’s today’s challenge…
Avoid participating in conversations around weight, diets, body image or ‘fat talk’ – this includes discussions around celebrities bodies! Just like you can choose to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, you can choose to opt out of conversations around weight, diets, body image’, celebrities weight, etc.⠀⠀⠀⠀

👉🏻 Somehow talking about other people’s appearance or ways we want to change or monitoring our food has become a strange way that people bond – especially women. We bond over ‘feeling fat’ or hating our thighs or ‘being bad’ eating pizza, or how ‘fat’ Lady Gaga looked, etc. These are the conversations I encourage you to opt out of. You can stay silent or change the subject. You can tell your friends you aren’t participating in diet talk anymore. However you want to handle the situation is fine as long as you don’t participate in the conversation.

Stop bonding with others around diet talk. Pick a different subject. 👏🏻

Avoiding these conversations will have a positive effect on you when you opt out of them consistently. Stop feeding those negative thoughts. Cut them off from your energy!

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