Hello and welcome!

I am a licensed therapist and life coach. Over the last 6 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them live the lives they’ve always wanted free of shame and guilt.

My story is probably similar to yours. I was lacking confidence, not knowing how to make my needs known, feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted, not feeling like enough and I didn’t know how to prioritize myself between home life and work. I also felt isolated and desired a safe community to help support me.

The community I longed for didn’t seem to exist. There were groups for working women but they all seemed to push scaling your business no matter what or there was an underbelly of shame if you weren’t constantly striving for more and more. There was nowhere I could find that would help me define success on my own terms. I was done basing my life on other people’s expectations so I created the space I wanted and needed to help other women like me.

I believe it’s important for women to prioritize their mental health and do so without sacrificing their work or personal life. You can have a strong family or a fierce group of friends all while being a force in your work industry. My greatest joy is helping other working women balance life between work and home and have fun doing it. I also wanted to provide a community that focused on mental health and fun as the main pillars! 

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s 3 extras:

  1. I love boybands and I make no apologies for that.
  2. I live in Kansas with my fiancé Mike and our two dogs, Lola and Mr. Chompers.
  3. I’m a night owl and a procrastinator so I’m my most productive in the evening at crunch time.