Here is where you will find all of my favorite things from books to make up to office supplies. If I love it, I’m telling you about it here! Just click the links below each description to shop!

Some links provided are affiliate links! If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a cent more but I will get a small commission, which keeps my iced coffee addiction feasible. Thank you!

Java House Cold Brew Liquid Pods
I hope you are ready for your life to change because these pods are going to do just that! They are liquid pods that you can use in a Keurig like normal to make hot coffee OR you can add the liquid to ice and 8 ounces of water for INSTANT COLD BREW! When I say these pods changed my life, I am not kidding. They taste incredible and they are so convenient. Go ahead, buy them and thank me later!

Shampoo Brush
A scalp massage and cleaner hair?! Yes, please! These work great for getting your hair extra clean! It helps get rid of build up on your scalp and it downright just feels good. I can definitely tell a difference in how clean my hair is using this vs. just using my hands.

Phone Tripod
Let’s be real – we are all constantly taking pictures and sometimes it would help to have a tripod. Insert the most compact, easy to use tripod there is. You can thank me later for your awesome family pics. This is small enough that I carry it in my purse at all times. It extends to 45 inches and it comes with its own remote that attaches to the leg of the tripod when not in use. Did I mention it’s small enough to easily fit in your purse?!

SILKE Hair Wrap
Hair wraps have been around forever but I just started trying it out recently and I’m a believer!! This pure silk hair turban is designed to be worn nightly to protect your hair against friction that can contribute to breakages, frizz and split ends. It’s comfortable to wear all night and I wake up with beautiful ready to go hair instead of crazy bed head! It’s pricier but worth every penny. Click HERE to grab one!

Hot Tools 1 inch Curling Iron
I get questions about my hair all the time and one of those questions is how I curl it. I swear by these Hot Tools Curling Irons and it’s important to use the 1 inch version because it can create tighter curls or you can brush the curls out for a more wavy curl. If you use bigger than a 1 inch, the curl might not stay as well.

Talc Free Baby Powder AKA The Best Dry Shampoo for Blondes
The best dry shampoo on the market isn’t even a dry shampoo – it’s talc free baby powder. You don’t want to use regular baby powder because talc has been associated with various illnesses so make sure you get the talc free kind. Burt’s Bees is the brand I like best. It’s pricey for powder BUT it lasts forever, has no scent, and works better than any aerosol dry shampoo I’ve tried. (And I’ve tried them all!!) Click the pic to purchase!

Beauty Spatulas
Anyone else hate wasting beauty products especially when you KNOW there is more in the tube/bottle/etc? I hate it so when I saw these little baby spatulas, I decided to give them a shot and they’ve paid for themselves over and over. I also use the larger spatula to get lotion our of jars so it doesn’t get under my fingernails. The two sizes make almost every container accessible so no more wasting perfectly good product! Click the pic to purchase!

Matching Loungewear Sets
I realize that I love matching sets and always have. I was the girl in high school that wore matching pjs in floral prints to bed. Everyone else wore plaid boxers with the waistband rolled down and a t-shirt – looking effortlessly cool and hip. My love of a good matching set has never gone away and now they make them less like pjs and more like ‘lounge wear!’ Very exciting times we’re living in. Here are some fav sets if you want to get in on the trend! I’ve included more tie dye and also some other prints for fun!

AE Boxy Top and High Rise Jogger
Get the top HERE
Get the joggers HERE
Francesca’s Tie-Dye PJ Sweatshirt & Shorts
Get the top HERE
Get the shorts HERE
Wal-Mart Cloud Tie Dye PJ Set
Get this set HERE
Target Dip Dye Sweatshirt & Shorts
Get the top HERE
Get the shorts HERE
If a jumpsuit is more your thing…
Get it HERE
Or if leopard is more your thing…
Get this set HERE

Louis Style Leopard Scarf
I looked it up and I bought a version of this scarf 8 years ago and I till get compliments on it every time I wear it! They don’t have the exact one I bought anymore but I found you all a similar one because everyone needs it! It’s big enough to be a light blanket on the plane, it’s thick enough when folded to keep you warm while also being thing enough you don’t overheat with it around your neck and it’s the perfect accessory to any outfit. Plus it’s less than $10!

Reader’s Digest
Hear me out! I recently treated myself to a subscription to RD and I’m not looking back. It’s a small magazine with a big personality. There are jokes, stories, fun facts, drama, true crime and so much more. The stories are short and easy to digest. (See what I did there?!) The jokes range from clever to written by every dad you’ve ever known. I can’t say enough great things about this tiny magazine! Plus, it’s fun to get mail! Remember when almost everything wasn’t delivered to an email inbox?! This is a fun gift for someone who has everything. It’s a funny, inexpensive gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Travel Case
Mike and I travel a decent amount – especially overnight trips so I needed a system that makes taking my skincare/make up/hair care easy and I’ve figured it out thanks to my friend Krystal’s suggestion! I load up this travel case with minis of all my skin care and hair care then I put my make up in before the trip. The skin and hair care always stays in it so I just need to refill when I get home and it’s ready for the next adventure!

Speaking of travel, Mike and I always take our bag of dice with us wherever we go because you never know when a game of Tensi needs to happen. Game is simple, each game of Tenzi begins by all players rolling their ten dice simultaneously. Each player then decides upon a “match number”. Let’s say that you initially roll three 4’s, so you select it as your match number. Your goal is to then get your remaining seven dice to display fours. We do all kinds of variations of the game and it’s always a blast! It’s great for all ages! You can get official dice but we bought a bag of 10 different colors so up to 10 people can play at once. Watch out tho, this game is addicting!

Face Roller & Ice Roller
The bags under my eyes apparently want to hang out on my face forever so thank goodness for this 1, 2 punch of products! I love these rollers! One is stone and the other you put in the freezer and is super cold. They help reduce puffiness in the mornings and just feel dang good. And both for under $15?! Yes, please!